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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

aaaah, the big tealights. added glimmer to the rim of both glass holder and tealight gives each little set the sparkle it needs to brighten up the season, don't you think? 

 here, I have started to prepare the 3-light sets with NellieB.'s matchboxes. process is easy: line up the matchboxes and sort colored tealights to them. stamp in matching colors and glitter the glass holder.
below some close ups. aren't Nellie's matchboxes the best?

and here you see them nicely packed, ready for gift giving!

if you are around,  come to my next show on November 22nd and 23rd, here in Brighton Michigan.

as always, thanks for stopping by,
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finally! Fall is here! It always has been my favorite season, and I could not imagine a life without the burst of colors, that mother nature is surprising us with every year. I love the cooler nights, the sunny days and the warm light at dusk and dawn.

Albert Camus put it right: Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

With fall's arrival, the kids are back to school, and I have time to play with new materials and techniques. One item I wanted to change for a long time is a 12x12 wooden frame, that is hanging in our entrance area (the "before" image below). As much as I like it, I felt that I wanted to change the frame's content to match the seasons. So, that was the first item I changed up after a very long summer break with absolutely NO crafting!

I die-cut the leaves with Stampin'UP!'s die, stamped them with all sorts of stamps and inks, distressed them, crumbled them up and affixed them with dimensionals, just at one tip, so they would have even more dimension, and I wanted them to spill out of the frame.

I used an old shipping box as a background, tore away a little of the smooth top layer to expose some of the riffles which I distressed with white inky fingers. The pheasant feathers shine in all fall colors imaginable.

Thank you so much for looking!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Boy oh boy, look at the time! the year is almost half gone and I did not post, well, and hardly crafted for the past 6 months. Just after my last post, winter and Christmas business took of with very successful shows and tons classes and orders. After that, we had the hardest winter on record which also moved into my basement studio. I could not work down there without freezing! After that, life just ran off to catch up with stuff and now I have the kids home from school and really really really want and need to get crafting. I have done a little bit in the past weeks, as teachers and graduates needed gifts:

I changed the design of my sticky notes! They will be in hardcover books, which makes them so much sturdier and just more elegant to look at. This one for example: vintage printed paper topped with a slice of wood, a crochet flower and antique brad (well, it's not really antique, but the assortment is called antique...). Such a beautiful gift!

Below, I worked on a graduation set of a friend's son. I followed flowerbug's inkspot tutorial on this really easy but nice easel card. then I added a large hand stamped  tealight to have a little extra to the cash. 

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's time for tealights! NellieB. has been busy making her stunning matchboxes, and I went ahead and packaged them with my hand stamped tealights to make beautiful gifts. 

the perfect baby shower gift - or for grandma!
 elegant pieces to dress up your coffee table.
 looking for a decor piece in your powder room?
red and orange brighten up fall.
 this gentleman makes a great gift to the handy man in your life.
who does not love birds? get ready for winter.
 the star among stars: starry night from VanGogh. Stunnning.

I just filled up supplies at "our" stores so check them out or come to the craft shows I will be attendending and get your special small gift items there!

thanks for looking,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ooooh, sticky notes.... one of my favorite item to dress up: It's square! You know I love squares, right? 
I love love love these owls from Jolee's, they are stunning, and I had them in my stash for ages, not daring to use them, because it means that I have to part with them.... but in a new home, they might find more attention than stuck in a row of embellishments. 

Time for woolly fall leaves. Cozy temperatures and mother nature striking her finest colors inspired me to get my felt through the big shot and die-cut some leaves.

I found the frames at the dollar store a long while ago, never knew what to make of them. Now, I backed them with wood printed paper, added glitter to the flowers and adding the purpose of those romantic items: "just a note" (stamp and paper Stampin'UP!).

this is for the ultimate note-taker: there is a pen nip on it after all! All grunged up with messy background stamps by Stampin'UP!. I miss my fountain pens and might just get one again. In Germany, way back, I learned to write with one. we committed to our writing! My kids now use the pencil. and use the eraser very very often...

thanks so much for looking,
your paper coach

Thursday, September 5, 2013

 What's in these pretty boxes you might ask. I will show you! My friend Gisela is a Distributor for XanGo Products. They created wonderful Vegan Hand and Body Soap and look how perfect it fits into my boxes! I call them "SPA in a box", and you will receive the soap, a hand stamped tealight in a glittered holder and a matchbox. So go ahead, run yourself a bath and enjoy health and wellness in style!

If you have an event or need gift ideas, please let me know, these make perfect hostess gifts, even for big projects like weddings or showers! 

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I finally can post my surprise for my mom's big birthday. The celebration took part at a beautiful restaurant (www.bullmuehle.de) and very a-typical for Germany: there was NOTHING anybody could complain about. The weather was perfect, the food delicious, the setting stunning, the company fun. What a way to celebrate!
In preparations for the big day, I made plenty tealights (the big glimmas from IKEA) to be added throughout the restaurant. This was a total surprise for my mom and thanks to my sister, who phoned in beforehand, we got it all set!
 I do not have a photo of them in action that I could share - the day was about celebration and not photographing candles, I guess....
Here is the Birthday in a box I made for my mom, she loves birds, and this one is fitting the theme. My friend NellieB. made the matchbox from Belgium postage stamps! stunning!
Thanks for looking,